We put TV everywhere

Even when reality bites

All devices and screen sizes


Excellent video streaming quality, improved user experience and reduced Cost of Ownership?

-It’s possible! With the mediathand encoding service for all your platforms: live TV with catch-up, Video on demand across OTT TV, IPTV and HbbTV on any screen.

- Up to 4K/UHD or HD, of course!


Talking the talk is easy, and you really shouldn’t just take our word for it. Click below and we’ll set you up with our demo in no time, so you can experience the high quality mediathand experience yourself – on your device. Let’s walk the walk!

All screens

Completely scaleable, our solution delivers any number of TV channels – to all screens. Whether it is the Big screen, desktop or on smartphones and tablets, mediathand deliver razor sharp, uninterrupted HD streaming.


70% of all internet traffic will be video by the end of 2016

Experience is everything

Consumers only pay for streaming, if the viewing experience is excellent - otherwise they take their money elsewhere!

As video has become mainstream, today’s online viewers expect more, demand more and are more impatient than ever.

We deliver an excellent viewing experience – every time on any screen – without loading... and buffering...

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Move the slider and experience the difference

Sharp photo of Formula One cars
Blurry photo of Formula One cars

10 000 000 000 online videos are viewed within the next 24 hours

Streaming as a service

With video streaming exploding, internet infrastructure is already becoming a bottleneck – and it’s only getting worse. This will be a serious challenge for video distributors, unless action is taken. With the world class mediathand streaming, high quality video is distribute!

Based on neuroscience

Optimising for the neural vision of the brain, we reduce data further than our competitors. In superior quality, of course.

30-50% lower costs

Our data optimisation, typically 30-50%, means less storage and traffic. That means direct cost savings on your bottom line.

Fast-forward to market

Unified and packaged software equals fast deployment. And that means you’ll start making money sooner!

All screens covered

TV screens, tablets, smartphones, laptops, Chromecasts, Apple TVs… Wherever you want your video content, we’ve got you covered!


Mobile data traffic has grown 4000 times over the past ten years


More than 7 years of research in collaboration with key technology partners Nokia, Motorola, Telenor, the Danish Broadcast Corporation and two leading technology universities DTU and AAU lies behind mediathand’s technology. With both national and international customers and collaboration partners, mediathand is a safe place to be.


About us


40+ years’ experience in video streaming, telecommunications research with 30 partners across the EU, two master’s theses in neural networks in addition to extensive VC fund management and advisory forms the solid background of mediathand’s founders. Currently located on the premises of Aalborg University Copenhagen, mediathand operates in the very heart of Danish telecommunications research.

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