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Whether as an add-on to your existing system or a total rebuild, we provide world class OTT experiences. Anywhere. On any device. If you're up for it, this page gives a little more detailed description of how we do it.

The web wasn't built so everyone could stream tonnes of HD and 4K. Full of bottlenecks as it is, you have to challenge what is possible – you have to "squeeze" meaning: high quality streaming at very low bitrates.

mediathand's world leading “Constant Visual Quality” encoding algorithm does just that! 5 years' neural research prioritises ONLY the data important for a quality experience (e.g. faces and movement.)

The result is great for viewers: Excellent clarity and sharpness at 30-50% lower bitrate. Buffering, blurring and rebuffering days are gone.

AND great for your business: the dramatic 50%+ drop in bitrate, reduces your data traffic and storage costs equally.


When quality drops viewers leave, when viewers leave the money leaves with them


Today, consumers have no patience with poor viewer experience – any problems, and they leave immediately. If consumers leave, the money leaves with them. With the top-class mediathand streaming experience, consumers stay longer and increase your revenue.

  • Live, catch-up and on-demand TV from one supplier
  • Maximize your screen reach with one solution
  • Support for multiple subtitles and audio tracks
  • Sleek, intuitive Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
    Any screen in highest quality

    Highest quality

    At mediathand, we are experts at encoding the best possible streaming quality on the network connection available, but amazing encoding only takes you halfway. When the streams are distributed using CDN or the open internet, our solution is up to the challenges, because we tweaked and optimised the streams while still conforming to market standards. A lot of work has been spent optimising the playback on the fragmented Android platform, which performs well across devices from the many vendors.

    Do you want us to wrap that for you? If TV Everywhere solutions aren’t exactly your primary focus, we won’t hold that against you! On the contrary, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a complete, fully hosted, fully managed end-to-end solution. Let us deal with the technical headaches, from the server maintenance over user subscription management to the frontend app development. Then you can focus on your business and your customers, while they enjoy the best video streaming available!

    Video experience

    We all know a bad video experience when we see it: a smudgy image, blurred and non-existing details, robotic sound. And then there’s the inevitable loading… and buffering… and waiting… But how do we quantify the experience, so that we can measure its impact – not to mention how to improve it?

    Much of a video experience is down to how good it looks. Full HD and 4K, for instance, tells us something – but definitely not all – about this, as these concepts only tell half of the story. Rather, the perceived video quality depends on the level of details, the colour depth, compression artefacts, juddering and much more. Though these measures aren’t standardised, at mediathand we take pride in providing a crystal-clear, smooth video, natural colours and undistorted audio.


    75% of all mobile data will be video in 2020

    Technical overeview

    YouTube, Netflix and Facebook serve millions of viewing hours. But did they crack live TV too? No. Should the viewers care? Of course! Whether watching their favorite movie, catching up from yesterday or following their favorite team right at kick-off: you have to deliver! The mediathand solution is the only available for both on-demand and live/linear on one and the same platform. All critical components and features exist in one unified place – no need for multiple expensive detached systems.


    Nothing comes from nothing and our service – of course – is no exception. It begins with ingesting the raw, uncompressed TV signals. Depending on your requirements, we can deliver anything from a dedicated setup in an ISO-certified data centre with satellite downlinks to a cloud-based service. No matter, we support virtually any standard input using market standard hardware based receiver, decoder and descramblers in combination with mediathand’s own software.


    Over 20 years’ video technology research has given the mediathand team a deep insight into video encoding, the result of which is our top-class encoders. By never introducing proprietary technologies, we offer maximum compatibility and customer freedom, as you’re never locked in mediathand’s ecosystem. By constantly enhancing and optimising, we provide the best quality encoding both for on demand and live content. With 24-7 TV encoding, we have uptimes in excess of one year, limited by scheduled maintenance.


    Wrapping for distribution, the mediathand packager can provide streaming content in HLS, MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming and more. Fully CDN compatible, of course. Worried about piracy? Don’t be. We take care of all encryption needed, as mediathand streaming supports the strict Hollywood-approved DRM content protection in cooperation with the Intertrust Technologies Corporation. After more than 3 years’ cooperation with Intertrust, we now also provide PlayReady, FairPlay and Widewine DRM.

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    Video Ingestion
    Video Encoding
    Content Distribution

    2/3 of time spent by teenagers’ watching TV and video is on a mobile device

    TV everywhere

    Getting video on each and every device is impossible, but you can get far. And we support the majority of smartphones, tablets and computers on the market. On top of that, we can also put your video content on TV screens via Apple TV, Google Chromecast, game consoles, smart TV apps and more – all our services are compliant with standard formats in broadcast, mobile and web and ready for streaming on any screen.

    One of the major pitfalls is the enormous variety of devices out there – with Android in particular. Of course, nobody can support every single hardware/OS combination, but as we support Android from version 4.1 and iOS from version 7, we can currently play on an estimated 95% of all iOS and Android devices in active use. As for PCs and Macs, our video streams support the latest two versions of OS X and Windows using the latest two versions of Safari, Internet Explorer (now Edge), FireFox and Chrome.


    Whether you need a few key components for your service or a full, end-to-end solution, all our services give you access to mediathand’s premium streaming technology. We don’t introduce any direct or indirect proprietary standards, meaning that you’ll never be locked to our services, should you change your mind in the future. We believe that great performance, stability and customer satisfaction is the way to bind customers – not by locking them down with proprietary systems.

    The mediathand streaming encoding service (MSENSE)

    Already have a streaming service but need to enhance the streaming quality, or maybe cut 30-50% off your storage and CDN costs? Pick and choose the modules that fit your needs from our range.
    As we do not introduce any proprietary standards, we can integrate with your system as needed. Of course, we do not have a universal “Swiss Army knife” integration system, but together with our customers, we identify the best way to integrate. Our modules always includes service and maintenance. If you choose to host the service yourself you are free to do so. Otherwise, we’re happy to do it for you.

    End-to-end OTT TV solution

    Leave the technical hassle to us. The mediathand end-to-end OTT TV solution gets you straight to market – fast! We provide anything you need from webshop and user database to live and on-demand TV streaming. With this service you can focus on your streaming business, and how you will differentiate your service and conquer the market.
    Out of the box, the service comes with our intuitive, easy-to-use EPG and an on-demand programme archive, as many channels you like – and, of course, our world class video encoding. If you have any special wishes, just let us know, and we’ll add it to your service. If you want to host the service yourself, you’re welcome to do so, but if you’d rather leave the technology to us, we’ll be happy to host and manage everything for you.
    Streaming technologies and standards are complex and always changing. With mediathand, you have a powerful partner providing the right streaming technology to support your strategy and business model – now and in the future. We make sure the technology is working for and not against you.

    Live event streaming service

    If you are looking for a portable “on the go” live broadcast streaming service with excellent mediathand user experience, ready for your standard recording equipment, then look no further. With mediathand’s live event streaming service you can start a live stream to you local or global audience on a moment’s notice.
    Today, our service is used by news agencies for breaking news, live coverage and press conferences. But it can, of course, also be used for any other event that needs to be streamed. As we do not introduce proprietary standards, we’re compatible with most recording equipment on the market, and as it’s cloud-based, it’s always ready for your live concert, sports event, festival etc.

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